The story of GO!

The ‘GO!’ outreach initiative is a wellness driven education, inspiration, and action program created by three doctors. But these are not your regular doctors. These doctors are business owners, community leaders and parents as well! When they saw the effect that great health had on their employees, patients and families and how this impacted their businesses and their personal lives they decided they needed to share it with others! But how? Simple actually. They packaged this powerful and impactful information into ‘the GO! program’ and now deliver it to organizations and groups of all sizes and shapes. Isn’t it time for you and your people to get healthy so you can GO! work, teach, serve, play and LIVE!!

the GO! program Mission and Core Values

The mission of GO! is simple. Impact, action, and results. Our health professionals have a vision to transform the health of the people within companies, organizations and schools which in turn will transform the health of the company, organization or school from the inside out. We have 3 basic core values we live by:


Educating your people is our passion! This is the #1 thing that sets us apart from the rest. We don’t see an organization as a whole, we see a whole group of people making up an organization. We care deeply about the health of those people and will go the extra mile to make sure their health needs, wants and desires get met.


We don’t simply give information, we create inspiration! Information comes and goes, Inspiration lasts forever! We firmly believe you need both! Let us inform and inspire you towards better health, which in turn will improve every aspect of your life!


Education + Inspiration = Action! This is the true transformation formula. Knowledge is NOT power! The power exists in the actions generated from that knowledge. This is where true transformation takes place! Let our proven transformation formula take the health of your organization to new heights through your people taking more action with their health.

Meet Your GO! Pro

Dr. Shane M. Smith D.C.

Dr. Shane Smith is a wellness expert with over 13 years of experience and countless hours of continuing education. Dr. Smith has also been on the Wellness Advisory Council for U.S.A. Wrestling, Weight Lifting, Judo and Volleyball teams.

He and his wife Donette, own and operate one of the largest natural health clinics in the state of Connecticut. Dr. Shane is most passionate about helping people take ownership of their own health and realize their health potential. He feels fortunate to be able to make a difference in the lives of the people he touches. “Helping people eliminate blood pressure medication through lifestyle changes or seeing another one battling a life-long illness suddenly start to heal naturally without drugs and surgery is a true blessing”.

Dr. Shane is a highly regarded speaker in his profession who is dedicated to the health and wellness of people in his community and around the world. His mission is to bring proven wellness concepts to parents, teachers, businesses, teams and churches.